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I am Ifigenia Paraskevopoulou, creator of Coaching Psychology Hub, PCC ICF Life & Executive Coach, teaching staff at international coaching school (ICF) Morphosis Coaching, Mental Health Consultant as well as Master Points of You facilitator.

Receiving my degree in psychology at the age of 22 from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, I retrained and obtained a Master of Arts in Human Resource Management and European Industrial Relations from the University of Keele, Great Britain. I never rested and continued to specialize more and more.

In this back-and-forth process, I was faced with the 9-5 conventional schedule. Several years passed, following the same routine, until at some point I made a decision to change my life and lead it where I personally want, free from the "musts" and limitations I had imposed on myself until then.

It certainly wasn't easy, it takes courage, patience, perseverance and discipline to be able to get rid of what weighs you down and head towards what will give you joy and push you to reach higher!

I am addressing women who are in the position I was in and not only! The woman who wants to be free, free from limiting beliefs and fear, who wants to dream bigger, earn more money, develop and succeed in any way she wants, while at the same time not forgetting her values and ideals, finds herself in the central core of my specialization and interest.


Professional as well as personal stagnation is exhausting and if it happens over a prolonged period of time then change is needed immediately.

Increasing self-esteem and self-confidence is very important to be able to stand up and take a step further, escape from the current situation and find yourself in the place you want.

It doesn't matter if you are a working woman as an employee, an executive in a company or an entrepreneur who is just taking her first steps or is already successful and wants to "change track". I am addressing women who are some of the above or companies that want to make the most of their female potential, executives, managers & team leaders.

Through seminars, retreats as well as Life, Executive and Business coaching you can achieve a personal sense of peace and tranquility through self-awareness and achieving goals, release yourself from what holds you back, gain faith in yourself and optimism that you can to succeed. Furthermore, you will find your purpose and mission in both the professional and personal fields and you will follow the right direction, organize your work better and increase your income. Attracting new clients and opportunities will be much easier for you and thus you will live the life of your dreams!

You will be free to live the life you want. The influence you will exert and the recognition you will receive, combined with the money you will receive will help your psychology and self-confidence. You will be an inspiration to others, and you will find your "tribe", i.e. the place where you belong.

What differentiates me is that I combine the factor of mental health with Coaching, Executive programs and Workshops! I am by your side for your personal development, but also for your professional path and direction.

With the "Morphosis" program where I participate as a Coach Trainer, this is achieved in an additional way. Through this program I can train you to become an accredited ICF Coach with recognition, credibility and expertise that suits you.

It is a deep belief of mine that women should take care of themselves, their wellbeing and mental health whether they are an executive or an employee, a freelancer or a stay at home mother. Taking care of ourselves, on a personal and professional level, should not be considered a luxury! Life is a journey, travel first class!


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