Ithaca is waiting for you

Do you feel like you are wandering in this life without a clear destination? You have not found the only one

talent that will distinguish you and justify you, will give meaning to your existence? You do not know which Ithaca you want to get to?

Do not worry you are not alone. In fact you are one of the many who do not know what they want to do in this life, what they have to achieve, what their goal is. And to reassure you: it's perfectly normal. We are not born chipped, knowing what our role will be in this society. And the problem is that while the options and possibilities are endless, deciding is extremely difficult. And the choice is not necessarily one. They can be many and varied as life goes on and desires, values ​​and circumstances change constantly. So we are left with an annoying discomfort, for some more intense for others not so much, a suspicion that there are so many out there, as long as we managed to discover them.

Below you will find all the instructions for seafarers:

Nobody knows what the future holds. Do not fall into the trap of thinking that you need to organize and set goals for the rest of your life. You can still set short-term goals. Take small steps and look for everyday things that make you happy, such as your friends, hobbies, favorite books, trips near or far (where your pocket goes). Moments of happiness, a collection of positive experiences and emotions make our journey in this world unforgettable. By gathering experiences you can discover the talents and meaning you are looking for.

Embrace the discomfort, the feeling of dissatisfaction, the unknown, the mistakes. Difficulties will come, practical or emotional, in the form of a rainy day or a storm. You have to accept that you can not avoid them constantly. Consider each obstacle as a lesson and see what positives can result from it. What do you hold, which you can use later, skills, positive beliefs about yourself that you managed, that you coped with. You are constantly learning something new about your desires, endurance and values ​​that slowly lead you on paths.

Defeat laziness and procrastination. Time passes, do something. No one succeeded without effort and work. Worthy people, those who found their purpose are offended when you talk to them about luck. You will never know what you want to do if you do not try. So do not waste your time and enter the game dynamically. Mobilization and action are the words you are looking for because without them, the goal is just a wish.

Ask questions. Ask to learn, we are told from a young age. In this case you should probably ask yourself and not others. Need "big" questions like: what do you like to do? What would you do with pleasure if time and money were not factors? What are the values ​​with which you want to chart your course? However, smaller ones may be needed, such as: do you like working alone or with friends? Do you like the city or the countryside? the list is endless…

With acceptance, action and appropriate questions you will slowly understand yourself and your purpose in life (at least at this stage) and you will see where you want to go and how far you are from there. Then, you have to decide what you are willing to sacrifice because as you will have already learned, nothing is given away!