6 simple steps to unwind and take action

You have so much in your mind, ideas, plans, decisions, but ... you block, you get stuck.


You have so much in your mind, ideas, plans, decisions, you want to make changes, to finally make this Blog, to start looking for a new job or to incorporate fitness into your daily routine but εις you block, you get stuck. And when that happens what do you do? Most are constantly thinking and over-analyzing the situation. They believe that the more they focus on these thoughts the more they will find the solution. On the other hand, some people completely avoid the issue that blocks them by occupying themselves with everything else. Whatever the situation for you, one thing is for sure, you feel frustrated, frustrated and you remain trapped and stuck in the same place.

Here are some steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for mediation.

Do not ignore it, name it
You feel some discomfort, something bothering you without knowing exactly what, but it is there. With so much "noise" from your crazy daily life and from the incessant thoughts, anxiety, fears, dreams and hopes, it is difficult to "hear" your inner voice. So take time, organize a walk, listen to a piece of music, meditate, write freely on a piece of paper. Once you understand what is happening to you, welcome it, do not avoid it and try to name it. There is a solution for everything and everything is an opportunity for development.

Put them on paper
You now know that there is a problem. Get paper and pencil and start writing. How do you feel and what triggers these emotions? A friend recently communicated with me her concerns about her professional development. She has several opportunities ahead of her, skills and ideas, but she feels confused, drowning and procrastinating. I asked her to figure out why, what exactly was causing these feelings and put them in order:

-I have to make a website but I do not know where to start.

-I have to do a professional photo shoot but I feel that I do not have photogenicity.

-I do not have the appropriate circle and acquaintances that others in my field have.

- I want to change my image and I do not have enough money.

All this made her procrastinate and she did not take the necessary steps to achieve her goals. Writing them on a piece of paper illuminated them from a different perspective and made them clearer and more specific.

Dig more
Grab one of the topics you wrote and ask why. See what will emerge. Why is photography so difficult for me, why do I think I have to change my image, why am I late to start the website, etc. After you write them in detail and honestly, a common truth may emerge behind them, you may have a better picture of the situation, but and the issues that lurk. My girlfriend after this process clarified a lot of her inside and recognized common denominators.

What is the priority?
Of all these, what is the most important one that I must first solve? What will give me the impetus I need?

If there is a common denominator, as in the example above (fear / insecurity of appearance), you now have a specific problem to manage that may solve others at the same time. If on the other hand something common does not emerge, you just continue the carving, or you treat each issue as something separate and choose where to start.

The next step
Leave yourself free to think of solutions. Bring as many ideas as you can to the table, get creative. See your choices!

Immediate action
What is the action that will bring you closer to your goal? The first small step you have to climb? In our example is the change of mentality around fear and insecurity. Once you have the action, set a time frame for it to take place until tomorrow, next week, next month).

If you still do not find a way to detach you can always turn to a specialist for help and support.