The questions you need to ask yourself to find your inclination

It is not uncommon for us to almost persistently seek to discover our inclinations and talents as if it were a treasure hunt, as if there is a complex map that we have to decode to reach our goal.

But all this is a myth. Despite what they may tell us growing up, our inclination and passion is not a predetermined destination that we are genetically programmed to find. They unfold in the course of our lives through our experiences, the people we meet, frustrations and setbacks. The "ideal job" does not exist, it is not an absolute destination but it is constantly changing. Another is the perfect career for your 30-year-old self and probably another for your 40-year-old!

All well and good, but when I have no idea what I want to do with my life? When I do not know what my inclination is and the direction I should follow? What am I doing; First of all you do not need stress and panic! Finding your purpose in life does not happen overnight and has no specific age or schedule. It has trouble, noise, takes time, requires work and introspection and is done in small steps.

You can start by answering honestly, after thinking and without self-judging some questions about the experiences, positive or negative, that have shaped your current self.

* Recall the top 3 experiences of your life. What audience can they have? What do they "say" about you?

* If there was no financial issue, what would you do happily all day? With what activity do you "lose" the sense of time?

* What dreams or interests did you give up? Why; Did it have to do with the fear of failure, of criticism? or did you and your values ​​change?

* What are the biggest obstacles or difficulties you had to face? How did they influence you, shape you?

These and other questions can "illuminate" limiting perceptions, negative beliefs about yourself that keep you away from the meaning you are looking for. It's not easy, but it's definitely worth it. In addition, in any case, endoscopy, as necessary, is not enough!

You need to take systematic action, dare, take the steps to your dreams and maybe you will discover that the passion and purpose you were looking for was always there and they were waiting for you to be active!