The Hygge habits for your hair

Dry hair, damaged by the many dyes and the stylized, "as if you just came out of the hairdresser" hairstyles are a thing of the past. The new trend in hair wants them simple, healthy and light.

Something you will achieve by putting some "hygge" habits in your daily routine: The right products. We choose quality products for our hair care. It is better to invest in a moisturizing mask that has an effect, than in countless cheap products that just take up space in your bathroom. Conditioner and mask are a must. Ideally avoid the dryer, but because this is rather unlikely, use a special spray before drying to protect them from heat. The natural color. This year the natural bright colors are in fashion without many and intense reflections, ombre and other technical works. We aim for natural tones that sweeten the color of our skin and emphasize our eyes. Let's not forget that the right color for our hair is what requires the least makeup to look beautiful and not the opposite (it has happened to all of us !!). The friendly ponytail. Ponytails on the top of the head, pulled smooth hairstyles and regular straightening can be impressive and chic but they burden the health of our hair. They destroy and break the hairs and the "pull" damages their roots. Dry them gently with a wide brush backwards and hold them in a loose ponytail. Do not deal with excess buns, they make you look cool and unpretentious.